The new world is upon us and it will be built with cooperation and collaboration, in a coliving and cohousing sort of way! It’s all about community.

Niche housing markets have been on the edge of this new era and are emerging now as a real solution to transitional times. And will deliver a higher standard of living by way of authentic community.

~ Diana

Different Opportunities:

  • Co-Living: Nesting in a large home with a small community of like-minded individuals either by renting or becoming a share property owner. It’s a coliving experience
  • Cohousing lite: Organizing with a group of homeowners in an existing HOA or traditional community to build more supportive relationships with like-minded people.
  • Cohousing: Organizing with a group of individuals interested in building a cohousing community on land already owned or by finding land to create the new community.

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