Diana Sullivan

I am a commercial real estate broker in Nashville, Tennessee but you don’t really care about that! Unless you want to develop a community and live in connection with a group of like-minded people who have your back, then of course, I can help you.

But let’s talk about you. You’re here for a reason. You’re a rule breaker. You don’t hesitate to say what’s on your mind and you are likely to rebel against the status quo. You were never made to fit into a box. And you’re waiting to find that place within yourself that is ready to burst out with irreverence and outrageousness! Your soul has to be let out!

Then there’ll be no stopping you. You’ll disappear over the horizon blazing a new trail with hair on fire!

Don’t you just love it! I love this image because it reminds me of our great potential and at any moment we can unleash it.

I haven’t always been this way. I was the dutiful little religious wife who followed all the norms. I raised my three sons and did my best for them. I invested in real estate and made some money. Then I went on my own, got caught in a market crash and survived on pennies. With my back against the wall, I found the source to create miracles.

During some of the quietest times of my life, I experienced visions and dreams of passion and love and sought answers. So, I began researching religious traditions and then questioning the thought leaders of our time. A curious seeker, I couldn’t stop the wanting to know.

I knew what I was being told of the status quo was not true. I recovered from incurable diseases and found cures for my children of so called incurable disorders. I wasn’t going to let the modern authorities stop me. Geez! Who did they think they were telling me it couldn’t be done?

I cried, I threw fits, I did whatever it took and in whatever situation, I found myself, I shifted my reality just in the moment it was needed. It was a miracle! Yes, I had some practical, business achievements too. I won some big marketing awards in the shopping center industry. Another time, I got desperate and built a nonprofit social organization that changed the city and state laws and disrupted a really rude human trafficking organization across the nation. It’s funny what you can accomplish when you don’t know what you’re doing or where you’re going but with the passion, you just start!

Then there was a deep need for community so I was so stirred up and tenacious about a vision that I cast it out like a fishing net and others joined. And off we went to build a 7+ million dollar condo development.

And if you’re like me you know you don’t start out to tear up the rules, take apart the norms, refuse to say yes when others are bowing to ‘that’s just how it is’. But you have to shake your head and say, “I don’t think so….”

It just sort of happens that way. You were told to behave, be grown up, fit in, get validated, be accepted and earn the good-behavior, approval stamp. But, strangely to the side, there’s someone roaring like a lion and you’re wondering where that suppressed power is coming from. Who is doing that?

Then there’s the trip to India to stay 21 days in a monastic community. Oh my, goodness. That’s even more of a wild experience found in the book, “Vision Is the Way.” I’ll let you read it.

Vision has been a powerful force in my life and in this later stage in life I see its power even more. I’m going to use it.

With tools and without hesitation we’re going to do some really big things.

If you’re like me we’re going to rock. You have a purpose too. The world has fallen apart and those old norms we’ve been stuck in are fricking, melting away. The gates are open, baby! We’re going to go right past the collapsed pile of rubble and build a new world.

The door is open. Meet me outside. We’re being unleashed!


Diana is a commercial real estate broker, entrepreneur, author, inspirational speaker and creative community and housing developer. She’s intense about life until she’s not. Sometimes she’s funny and sometimes she sits quietly in mediation blissing out.

She loves to try something new and is keen on stretching her capacity to set a vision and then step into it. She is available to show you the Way to do the same.