You’re Powerful aren’t You?

Swirling Energy creating a Tornado

Have you ever wondered who stirs up these storms? Maybe you could look inside at the storms in your inner space. Those swirling thoughts and intense vibrating emotions. Have you ever considered the link between your thoughts and the world around you?

Just like your words have a vibration so do your emotional thoughts even if you never speak them. Thoughts carry a frequency. And, whether you speak up or hold a thought for a period of time, both resonate at a certain vibration.

Interestingly, our thoughts don’t just resonate within us, they resonate outward through the entire Universe. The underlying vibration of this entire multi layered Universe is powered by thought. Each one of us participates by our consciousness as thoughts arise.

Your consciousness is linked to the entire cosmic consciousness.

As an individual we have control over the vibrations we send out into the field of the collective cosmic consciousness .

When you have a negative thought, it flows out into the cosmic consciousness forming into a cosmic soup, swirling around and merging with other people’s thought vibrations of the same vibration. It is magnetically attracted to the same frequency and the growing energy field of negativity attracts and expands with more of the same.

When it gets large and intense enough it appears on the earth as a tornado and blows things apart. That’s how powerful we are collectively.

“It’s an act of God!” some people claim.

I agree, it is God doing it. We collectively as humanity are the consciousness of the Universe and together we have thoughts. According to ancient texts humanity together is God. Where two or more are gathered, God is there too. On the energy level we are all connected. So, it is ‘we’ who is God and ‘we’ who sends out negative vibration.

“A loving God would not do that!” other people claim.

I agree with this, also. When you’re expressing negative emotions, emoting out your fear, anger, hatred, you know those kind of energies? They are not very loving are they?

It’s time to take responsibility for the negative thoughts you hold, the charged emotions you send out. These are emotions vibrating with a negative energy and creating fields of energy. They are collectively forming storms.

You’re pretty powerful aren’t you?

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