Where Are You?

In a bakery in Venice, Italy

You live in a conscious world and when someone says ‘where are you?’ you are likely to say in this state, town, home address, business, country, etc. But your body is there. Your awareness or consciousness could be somewhere else.

Every day your thoughts wander taking you to other places in your mind. That is your waking dreams, what you daydream about while awake. But where is your consciousness?

In the book Power vs. Force, by David Hawkins, he describes the many states of consciousness where we can reside. The world of consciousness is vertical not linear. So, you travel up or down the consciousness scale.

We all reside in different places at different times. This is why sometimes we don’t communicate well. A person in a state of fear who has become defensive sees the world through a fear filter as opposed to one who is in a state of courage. The courageous person will see life differently and respond in a totally different way.

Look at the Map of Conscious attached to this post. And think about where you reside most of the time. Wherever you are on the scale is the level of frequency you inhabit. That level of frequency determines your reality. It determines your friends, work life, health and basically the very quality and direction of your life.

In order to shift your reality, you must change your frequency. You can do it with a thought. Changing your thoughts will change your emotions and change your frequency. But to hold the desired frequency you must change the thoughts you hold. Those pesky things floating through your mind with an emotional charge that regularly sidetrack you.

You must expand your consciousness which elevates you up the scale.

Scroll down to the Map of Consciousness below and imagine where your consciousness resides. It’s the most important place for the life you desire.