Value the Vision

Your past memories live in your body but its vision that creates your future. And you find your vision by letting go and not knowing!

You let the inspiration guide you to find your vision.

When we built a multi-million dollar cohousing developing starting from nothing it was the vision that gave hope, provided direction and set a course to success.

It was holding a vision that raised over a million dollars from our members who gave their life savings, inheritance and home equity line of credit to buy in with great risk.

It was the vision that lifted us all up and brought whatever we needed to talk Avenue Bank into loaning us 4.9 Million dollars. By holding, sharing and regularly describing the vision everything we needed came to us.

I knew nothing. I knew nothing about development. Nothing about residential housing development, about zoning, about raising millions. I knew zero about it all. I just held the vision. And everyone coalesced around it.

When the land went under contract the question was “What do we do now?” Clueless.

We just kept taking steps forward and holding the vision and whatever was needed came our way.

My friend and management consultant advised, “It’s not what you don’t know that can hurt you, it’s what you don’t know that you don’t know that can hurt you.”

I operated on this value. I would slap my hand on my forehead and say, “now what do we do?” We stayed in the space of not knowing. That’s what made us teachable, open, and willing to learn. That’s why we sought answers, hired consultants, listened to the still small voice inside. We were always open to what’s next.

And the answer would come.

Trust your vision.