Diana Sullivan
New American Villages
3200 West End Ave, #500
Nashville, Tennessee 37203

Normal Has Collapsed, Expect a New Beginning

(Nashville, Tennessee, Aug. 5, 2020) Overnight Paris stopped being the most romantic place to visit. Churches became a dangerous place and kissing someone put life at risk. Worldwide the trusted social and legal agreements along with the U.S. currency started evaporating.

The 2020 season of Pralaya, a Sanskrit word for “Destruction” is melting our delusions. “When this is over, the opportunity for creating a new world will be ours,” says visionary, Diana Sullivan, Nashville real estate broker, developer with New American Villages and author. Her first book is expected to be released on Amazon the end of September, “Vision Is the Way, Love is the Destination.”

A down to earth life story of reinventing her life and creating something out of nothing Diana outlines the leading edge of thought in science and medicine that is introducing a more fulfilling life experience for our future. She describes the miraculous moments of manifesting a new home, starting a multi-million dollar housing development from nothing, and in the third act of life flying to India to explore the Vedic, ancient yogi tradition of monastic life.

During the twenty one day trip she experiences an accident that threatens to handicap her life and then discovers the illuminating truths of this ancient civilization for how to turn a tragedy into a comedy. Her journey illuminates the way to find a vision at a critical time in one’s life and how it can turn into a path with effortless bliss.

At a time of dramatic change and accelerated transformation this message is timely. It’s a reminder of who you are, how to connect with your unchanging inner presence and create that new beginning.

She can be reached at www.VisionIstheWay.com or by phone at the above number.

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